Bicycle, Tourism, Culture, Sports and Health


Non-profit organization that bases its pillars on the voluntary collaboration of its members organized by work groups to develop all those activities and projects that revolve around the bicycle.


It has room for all those people and entities, cycling enthusiasts, who understand their enjoyment without competitive spirit.


Respect for the environment, road safety education, tourist activities, cycling mobility, health and daily physical activity are our premises to create a bicycle culture that allows us to achieve a more humanized, supportive and harmonious coexistence with most developed countries in cycling.



Use the bicycle to go to work, buy bread, go for a walk, or why not, cross Spain from south to north along the Ruta de La Plata, now you will be more comfortable and safe with our new membership card to the Federation of Cycle tourism - FECT


Discover the innumerable advantages we offer for something as simple as enjoying the bicycle as a leisure, outside the scope of competition.

Tourism, culture, sports and health joined by the bicycle is our philosophy.


The card includes:

Insurance of Civil Liability, Accident Insurance, Travel Assistance and Legal Assistance, is what we offer you with this card. And for a reasonable fee you can have a personal unlimited health care policy.

What is the FECT?

What is the FECT?

Carnet de la Federation de Cicloturismo - FECT -


Lots more information on the FECT website link.