The group is a collection of friends who meet on occasions for rides in the countryside.

  Riders take part entirely at their own risk and no legal liability is expressed or implied.


  If you choose to ride with us, you must wear a helmet, carry a copy of your Passport,

  SIP Card or EHIC card and contact details of your next of kin.


  In the event of an accident, hospital treatment will not be provided without these



  For reasons of safety we do not encourage the use of aerobars within the group rides.


  Personal/third party insurance is strongly advised.

Our Sponsors


We are a mature international road cycling group, though predominantly English speaking, who enjoy our cycling throughout the area of the Costa Blanca. We ride for pleasure and welcome riders who share the same approach.  



We meet at Studz Bar, Benimar, Rojales, (see the map below)


Check the ride/event calendar for times.


The rides are graded to allow for riders personal abilities.


A ride: - is the fast group who ride along at 30/32kph



B ride: - is an intermediate group who like to cruise at about 28kph



C ride: - Is a steady group who ride along at about 26kph


70/70:- Is a new ride offered to riders aged 70 and over.

           Moving at a steady pace 24/26 kph with a distance of not more than 70k.



All rides are subject to the availability of ride leaders and weather conditions.


The rides are an average of 80 to 100 kms and take about 4 hours, which includes a coffee break.


Longer rides are advised in advance so that people back home don’t worry.



Where and at what times.

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Important Information

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