Safety at all Times.

Safety is a major concern for everyone and riding in a group, whilst bringing advantages also brings the need for discipline to ensure the safety of all road users.


It is the law in Spain to wear a helmet and the Guardia are swift to impose Fines on those riders not complying.


We are a social cycling group and due to vast differences in riding abilities we do not encourage the use of aerobars during group rides. Bull-horns are less stable for bike control and risky for close proximity riding.


Big on the spot fines can be dished out should you be caught using headphones or your phone.


Being under the influence of alcohol can net you a hefty €500.00


The use of a flashing light is allowed as long as it does not cause glare to other road users.


Bikes need to be road worthy, carry tools required to fix your own mechanicals.


If you are new to group cycling check out this link.











We strongly recommend all riders have insurance to cover Civil Liability being sued  can seriously damage your bank balance.


We feel that it is the responsibility of all riders to be prepared to pay for damage done to another rider's bike should an accident occur that has been caused by you. We are not talking about dings and scratches we are talking about serious damage.


A simple "sorry mate" is really not good enough.


Please give this serious thought; imagine it's you there with a wrecked bike.



This card includes:


Insurance of Civil Liability, Accident Insurance, Travel Assistance and Legal Assistance, is what we offer you with this card.


And for a reasonable fee you can have a personal unlimited health care policy.


FECT card light Share the road

Obey the rules of the road

We are not the only road users out there

How to

If you choose to ride with us, you must wear a helmet, carry a copy of your Passport,

SIP Card or EHIC card and contact details of your next of kin.


In the event of an accident, hospital treatment will not be provided without these details.