John Driver


“The photo is of me riding the “Circuit of the Dales” 50 mile time trial (80 km) in 2014, it is the toughest time trial in the UK calendar with over 6,000ft of climbing and I have been riding this event for over 40 years on and off and taken some proper hammerings.  They say pictures don’t lie but this one does,  I may look in complete control but I was shattered. I was just starting the ascent of Ribblehead into a 30mph headwind and going so slow the photographer managed to take 3 photos and had the audacity to give me a choice.  When I got to the headquarters at the finish I scoffed 2 large portions of chocolate cake washed down with lashings of tea,  I think my finishing time was about 2 hour 32 minutes and in all the years I have never beaten 2 hours 30 minutes and I’m too old now so I doubt I ever will.


David Gartside, born 8.6.1945


Margaret and I spend about 8 months in Spain and the other 4 near Manchester, UK, mostly in the summer.   Grandchildren at both ends.    

Joined the Amigos in 2009 and will be forever grateful to the founders, who made me welcome and thererby changed my life for the better.    I had been on sticks for a couple of years but can now do the rides in reasonable comfort and I am fitter than I have been since my thirties.    We have also formed some very good friendships amongst the bunch.  


Barry Rogers

I started to race bikes in the mid 60's as a schoolboy and then as a junior in road races, time trials, track and cyclocross with moderate success but I never raced as a senior. In the late 70's I stared motor racing first in single seater then sports cars. Illness forced my retirement I then became a team owner.

Val and I moved to Spain in 2002, our first 5 years in Valencia and then we moved to Cuidad Quesada, Rojales.  I started riding the bike again 4 years ago, and find the ADC group cheerful and accomodating. There is always a ride to be had at Bar Studz.(Ex MOn.)

Greg Locsin


Pretty much a lifelong cyclist with time off for good behaviour and/or injuries. I started cycling in the Philippines circa 1955, moving east to Hawaii, Maine and now Spain.

My incentive for cycling started as fun, then transportation for an impoverished student, later economical commuting, then a desire to live a healthier life in preparation for retirement.

Having done mountain biking and touring, I prefer road biking for distance rather than speed. I joined Amigos in Nov. 2010 and ride mostly in Spain, but return to USA in summer to ride and raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society..

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Paul Durrant (67)


Started Cycling in Spain in 2003 and joined CC Torrevieja then I moved to Albatera and joined the local club in 2009.

In the winter months I run and usually spend the summer in the UK for the time-trialling season but fracturing my hip in March of 2012 meant 5 months off the bike.

I ride every day either on my own or with the various groups in the area and on Mondays run the 10m TTs at San Felipe Neri, Catral.

Mike McGill


Joined my first cycling club in my twenties and in my second season started racing on a regular basis. Eventually got the necessary placing's to move up a category riding with the likes of Peter Chisman, Batey brothers all renowned international riders. Soon found at this level you’re only making up the numbers. Bought a Spanish holiday home in 1999. And teamed up with four other guys riding the bike, which in its infancy was the start of ADC. I derive enormous pleasure from riding with a great bunch of guys and the way the club has developed the important part that it has catered for the abilities of all riders.

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The Bunch


Anne Allen

I have enjoyed cycling with the group since we bought our first property here, over ten years ago.

I have cycled for as long as I can remember! Starting off on a little seat on my Dads crossbar and then on the back of my Mums bike. I used to cycle to school, then later on, to work. I got married at Gretna Green whilst cycling Lands End to John OGroats and raised money for charity. My husband, Peter, says therefore, that he married me for charity!

We cycled with the South Manchester C.T.C and have done many cycle touring holidays, carrying our camping gear. Cycling is one of the many activities I enjoy here in Spain and in joining ADC I have cycled through and to places I would never have visited.

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Brian Stewart .....San Miguel de Salinas.


Still going at 73...............try to do about 150k a week !

70/70 ride on a Tuesday good for me to keep in touch with the Amigos