Tony Medlock


I started cycling aged 43 on a mountain bike.

After a couple of year’s pottering around, thinking I was the bee’s knees because I could ride 45 miles a week,

I rode the coast to coast in Northern England for charity and loved it.  

Soon after that I bought a road bike.

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Docus Koks.


I was born in 1951 in Tilburg in the south of Holland.

Last year in November I went for the first time with my bike to Spain.

I bought my bike half a year earlier in Holland, so it was a great experience to go out by bike in Spain.

I started on a Thursday with a group from Studz Bar and we went to Aspe. I never heard about that place, but halfway I saw black snow in the mountains!   It was the fast group!

I didn’t know that there are two groups, the "faster" and the "slower" group.

Now I enjoy going out with both groups.

Maybe I see you at Studz.

Nick Dinsdale (03.04.54)


I have raced competitively for 45 years and still continue trying!!! I enjoy riding and racing over a range of different disciplines e.g. Time- Trialling, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking and Duathlons. When not cycling, I specialize in Musculoskeletal Screening and Bike fitting of competitive cyclists with the aim of improving power-output and reducing risk of overuse injury.  However, when in Spain I enjoy riding in the sun in the company of the Amigos and listening to banter while sipping Café con-leche.

My website: (Musculoskeletal Screening & Bikefit)


Hi I'm Julie

and I hail from sunny Northern Ireland. As you can see my picture depicts a typical sunny day with all my UV gear on!! In reality I get to do the majority of my long cycles when I'm out on holiday in Spain the weather is superb the Crack is mighty and the group are welcoming -in a get on with it way. ! I also find the drivers much better in respecting the cyclists or maybe that's just with being in a large group?! I can't tell you how much I look forward to my annual cycling trip and this year I'm hoping to get my husband Gary to join the group. Such a great bunch of characters, I'm already on the count down. 5 months to go!!

Lorna Tony Nick julie Musculoskeletal-Screening.

Norman Marks


I ride about l00km every Sunday with the Amigos group. It's an enjoyable

way to spend a day with the added bonus of keeping me fit.

Docus Koks.

Tony & Lorna Hanlon


We have lived in Quesada since 1991, first as holiday-makers. In 2003 we retired & moved to France, then in 2005 became Spanish residents. Both have been club cyclists in UK since the 1950’s & gradually progressed to all types of racing by the early 1960’s.

Lorna’s racing took her to Holland, Belgium & Germany representing England. Riding nearly 1,000 events in 50 years finishing with 9 National Team Championships & 5 British track records, tandem paced.  On the trike she  has  broken  9  British  records  & the  first  Lady Champion in the C.T.C. She finished her career taking 5 British Vets. Age Records.

Tony was born into a well-known London cycle racing family & cycle shop owners.    From the start he mixed his racing - track, road & time trailing, winning Club Best All Rounder Champion 8 times.    He paired with a club mate to break the East Anglian  Vets. 50 tandem record which still stands, he was in the first team to beat 12 hours for 100 miles.


Paul Durrant

As usual, spent some months in the UK doing Time Trials, 10 miles & 25 miles, had to wait until the end of the season for best performances.

Saturday 19th September, Team Swift 10 on the V718 course at Hull, recorded seasons best of 0.22.15 and followed up the next day with 0.58.33 for 25 miles on the R25/3L course in Neath.

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Hi I am Julie Ann

I have been riding with the Amigos group for 2 years and really enjoy the company, banter and routes that we do. It's not a cycling club or a racing club but just a group of people, just like me, that like cycling and enjoy the company and riding in the sunshine around the beatuiful Costa Blanca!

Julie Ann Norman